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A fabulous book for children to learn that there are all types of families in the world. The message that there are many ways to describe a family clearly comes through from beginning to end. And it was so great to see so many different families represented (same-sex parents, military families, grandparents as parents, adoption, and more). I love that there was space at the end for children to draw their own family and add this to the book. I also like that this is a book for parents (teachers and therapists too) to read with children to get a conversation going about different types of families and how at the end of the day we are all the same, that is loving people who want the best for their children. I will use this in my clinical practice working with children and their families. Great writing and amazing illustrations!
— Dr. Julia Rahn
Great book. Addresses issues that children face today in a sensitive and understandable way.
— Marilyn V. Uzemack
A wonderful book, for all families.
— Rosemarie
Cher Erickson’s book What is a Family? focuses on families other than the “traditional” family. The book presents families with same-sex parents and adoptive parents as well as families headed by grandparents and single parents. It also addresses blended families and families coping with the death of a parent. Mrs. Erickson is particularly sensitive to the possible questions, fears and emotions youngsters might have and she addresses them competently in a non-judgmental manner. What is a Family? provides the basis for multiple discussions and even includes space for the young reader to describe his own family. What is a Family? is a must-read for children.
— Lucille Grieco